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This is also an excellent way of climbing Mount Leinster. See below*

GPX File

This walk starts about 5Km SW of Bunclody on the R746. Red lines are the walking route.
Pink line offers an alternative route avoiding roadways and crosses beautiful open moorland.
The letters in the corners of the map refer to GPS coordinates in (decimal format) below. 

A=52.617362,-6.684415 Half Way House
52.6163200,-6.6926120 Enter Mullawn Lane
52.6209648,-6.7028999 Enter Forrest
52.6218082,-6.7066049 Keep straight on
52.6207282,-6.7112783 Keep Straight on
52.6211299,-6.7135683 Keep left
52.6189082,-6.7170466 Enter fire break
52.6192132,-6.7239283 Top of Forrest. Follow path
quarter way round north side of Blackrock mountain

52.6197998,-6.7290216 Make you way to the top of
Blackrock from here on a faintly defined path. You could
just head straight up to the top from "H", but it is a
bit easier this way.
Note: there is a false path continuing west from I. This used to be a way of avoiding the top of Black Rock, but is too low on the ridge and eventually peters out as people find that it is going nowhere. If you want to avoid the summit, head WSW from I to pick up the path to the hut.

52.6187366, -6.7366765 Turf-cutters Hut
52.6191291, -6.7376704 Start of Turf-cutters road, just west of the hut.
52.6143898, -6.7372533 Coming down turf-cutters road.
52.6096732, -6.7265899 Enter Wood
52.6069248, -6.7223266 Keep on this gravel road.
52.6060432, -6.7225749 Keep on this gravel road.
52.5987265, -6.7207387 Exit onto tarmac road.
52.604918,  -6.718076   Wood/Moorland crossing.
52.618484,  -6.712383   Gate dividing woodland and moorland.

Red line equals a 2 or 2.5 hour walk.
Dotted Blue line = about 4.5Km
Pink line is 1.6 Km.
Blackrock Mountain is 599 Metres high. Mount Leinster is 795 Metres

This walk uses only public right of way. It takes about 2 or 2.5 hours to cover the red line on the map. There is limited parking at points B and P, if you wanted to shorten the walk. When I last did this walk, we left one car at P and one at B. The dotted blue line is about 4.5 Km and is along small tarmac roads and is a nice walk in its own right.

Point A is a car park at the Half-way house Shop/Pub/Service station. Not a bad sort place to finish any walk :).

*This is also an excellent way of climbing Mount Leinster with a well defined path continuing west from K. Otherwise you could walk up the TV transmitter road from 52.636813,-6.793857. This walk takes between 45 and 60 minutes to the top.

I have put GPS  coordinates at places on the map where there might be confusion about which direction to take.

The areas enclosed by green lines are the woods that you will pass through. There are other woods in the area which can be seen by looking in detail at the map. Bear in mind that trees get cut down and planted and these woods may change, however the GPS  coordinates will not change.

From early on you can see the sea on the south and east coasts. Bring a map showing areas including the S/E coasts and Mount Leinster and with the aid of a compass you can identify features such as the Saltee Islands. Enjoy your walk and as always take proper precautions e.g. mobile phone, clothing and footwear.

See some photos of the walk >>>

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